Dec 7, 2016

Visiting Autostadt

Last month I had the pleasure to go on a little trip to Autostadt, which is located two hours away from Berlin in the city of Wolfsburg. It is a place full of activities about the realm of mobility and one of the world’s largest car-delivery centers surrounded by friendly people, striking architecture as well as amazing cars.

“People, cars and what moves them” has been the Autostadt slogan since the official opening in 2000. The automotive theme park attracts not only people with a passion for cars but also those who enjoy art and culture, fine dining, architecture and design. Family trips to the Mittelland Canal are a popular highlight, either for an unforgettable day or a whole weekend. Autostadt offers much more than cars. Open 363 days each year, guests are invited to come here and discover the world of mobility.

The “Zeithaus” Museum which is a home of the most iconic cars in history including more than 260 vehicles from over 60 different brands; The exhibitions feature around 100 vehicles that have significantly influenced the development of automobiles. Since the oldtimer and youngtimer frequently take part in rallies and road trips, ZeitHaus exhibits change on a regular basis. All of the vehicles represent automotive milestones in terms of technology, concept, production and design.

The philosophy and values of each brand – Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Audi, SEAT, Škoda, Lamborghini and Porsche – are presented in a unique way: from functional to playful and from spirited to artistic, the exhibits and installations in the buildings are as varied as the vehicle brands. In the Premium Clubhouse – the eighth pavilion – guests experience the Volkswagen Group’s high-end segment. The imaginatively designed exhibition space currently features a mirrored Bugatti Veyron 16.4.

The two emblems of Autostadt, the two Car Towers, can be explored in an air­-conditioned panoramic glass lift. These glazed, high-rise garages, each of them housing 400 new vehicles, are the heart of vehicle delivery at Autostadt. Inside, patented technology helps transport the new Volkswagen vehicles in and out of their parking bays at a speed of two meters per second. Visitors are swept to the top of the tower in the same high-rise parking system that transports the vehicles. A glass cabin ascends to the observation deck on the 20th floor, for a panoramic view over the city of Wolfsburg and Autostadt.

Thanks a lot to all the team of Autostadt.



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