Jul 19, 2017

David And His 1975 BMW 3.0 CSi: Surely One Of The Most Stylish BMWs Ever

Leaving Berlin for a bit, I went to Leipzig, to visit my Carphiles friend, David and his outstanding 1975 BMW 3,0 CSi. Personally, I have a special affection to the E9; I found it one of the most pleasurable cars to photograph, from any angle, any line, any corner it’s just a design piece full of perfection.

I was walking around the city, and by coincidence, I found a stunning parking space that fits perfectly with the aesthetics and the colour of the E9. I just sent the photo of the place to David, with a car emoji representing the idea, saying here is where I want your car! It was a super enjoyable time, and next time I will have the opportunity to drive the car -I hope David won’t forget about it-

So David, tell me about you, about your life and profession:

I was born in Leipzig 29 years ago; I lived in Toronto for quite a while right after school. I loved the Canadian people and the rough, massive urban architecture in the city. But I’m still not that much fascinated by American cars. Even though I always liked the combination of huge oversized muscle cars and skyscrapers. Beton + Car. The Same Combination you chose for our shooting. Since seven years I live and work in Berlin and Leipzig. Mostly in tactical and technical real estate management. Right now I am self-employed with my small company as facility coordinator and construction manager for some building lots.

What was your first car?

My first car was a 1994 BMW E36 Compact in silver. Since my dad is a car mechanic, he showed me everything I needed to know about the car, and suddenly I could do every repairing and modifying by myself. I think I can understand how -old- cars work. But I’m lost with every new electronic or nowadays system.

How did you first become interested in classic cars and why especially this E9?

It’s my dad’s fault and his job. He has an old Mercedes W111 that I am totally in love with, since my childhood. I always wanted a Ford Taunus Knudsen. But then my dad got me connected to the E9. The E9 has straight edgy lines combined with decent curves. For me, this form is the perfect combination of sport and elegance.

What was the condition of the car when you bought it?

The same condition that it is now. I did some small changes and some decent tuning but not too much I think.

Did you restore it or was it already restored when you got the car?

Motor, axis and gearbox needed a little love, and that was it. Rust is maybe the biggest enemy of the E9, but I think I can handle it quite well so far. Anyway, I am planning on restoring the car completely somewhen in the next five years.

What do you enjoy most about the car? Did anything surprise you about it after you started using it?

I drove a few old cars before the E9, and I was shocked that when you drive the E9, you can’t tell that this is a 40-year-old car.

This car is perfect with its original engine, but I love and enjoy the few extra horses the most -the car doesn’t have the original motor, so it’s a 3.5 CSi-

Did you have a nickname for the E9?

This car is somehow the father and precursor of the BMW 6-series. Back then in 1975, they did not have those number designations. But still, everybody of my friends thinks it is right to call the car “Sechser”.

Personally, I think the wheels of the E9 make it so unique, and they match perfectly with the aesthetic of this fantastic Coupé, what’s the history behind it?

Of course, I wanted the original ALPINA rims. But, everybody has them, and you see them quite a lot. I wanted some similar optic but some more drop centre or depth -don’t know how to call it- then I found those rims, that are originals from the 80s I think.

My favourite detail of this car and for many Carphiles as well is the logo combined with the window lines on the back sides that I think makes this car unique and distinct from any other BMW. What’s your favourite detail or what do you love most about your car?

There are many details I like. The logo is, of course, one of them. But I think the best thing is the smell; the car always welcomes me when I am entering through the garage, should be the combination of the leather and gasoline. I do also love the rough sound when the engine starts.

How does it feel to drive inside of Leipzig, did you use your car every day or just on the weekends?

Leipzig is very nice for cruising! I enjoy going to the lakes with the car and also to get out of Leipzig and drive through nature. It’s not my everyday car. Since I have my Bulli, he never saw rain.

What is your favourite song to play when you are driving on a long road or in the city, to feel that you have a super pleasurable and enjoyable ride?

The car’s sound system is pretty bad. I enjoy listening to the engine, and for longer trips, I take my little loudspeaker and my favourite playlist on my phone.

Do you feel like other road users act differently towards you because of your car?

Some people are reacting very friendly to the car. The most common gesture is thumbs up. Often the car is photographed. Too bad all this is because of the car and not because of the driver.

One of the best things happened, was a guy running out of his house and stopping me, because he identified the car through his open window while watching TV -just because of the engine starting sound- the sound that he knew from his father’s E9.

How is the social scene that comes along with owning a classic?

Mostly a bit uptight but in Leipzig, there are a few young-oldtimer-owners that are connected. I like them!

Is there another car you would like to have?

I’m still looking for the perfect E30 325i Cabrio. But the longer I wait, the more expensive the car gets.


  1. Boudewijn

    Epic pictures of an epic car!! Any chance that I could get a high res picture so I can frame it at home 🙂

    No matter what keep up the good work, your pictures rock!!

  2. Ben

    Beautiful Pictures and a really nice “Sechser” !
    I think my “Diva” would look great with your photo skills 🙂

    Best Regards Ben


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