Can you describe the current condition of the TR?

The car has been repainted and is in pretty good condition exterior-wise. The interior remains original with some signs of wear, consistent with its mileage of 65,000 km. From a technical perspective, we’ve completed all necessary work, including a major service with a timing belt replacement at the end of 2023. It will receive new tires next week, and the rims will be restored to a like-new condition.

What can you tell me about the wheels on the TR?

These Speedline screwed multi-part rims were a factory option on late 512 TR models. They were also featured on the special 512 TR version designed for the Japanese market.

Regarding the Viola Hong Kong Color, you mentioned it can be changeable?

The color can be changed back to red if desired.

How would you describe the driving experience of the TR?

The 512 TR represents the Testarossa as it should have been. The ride, brakes, and especially power delivery are perfect for a mid-engine supercar of the ’80s/’90s era. It surpasses the standard Testarossa, which can feel outdated and slow. The updated interior ensures even taller individuals can comfortably fit inside.

What makes the 512 TR stand out compared to other cars in its class or era?

While currently equipped with the standard exhaust, fitting a Fuchs Racing exhaust transforms it into the best-sounding car on the planet, reminiscent of a V12 F1 car.

How has the TR been maintained and serviced throughout its ownership history?

Originating from Germany, the car has had only two owners. A service book with stamps documents its maintenance history. Presently, all necessary servicing has been completed.

Are there any unique features of the TR?

The favored feature of all TR enthusiasts is undoubtedly the sound produced by the sports exhaust system. It is truly remarkable.

What is your favorite detail or feature of the TR?

The design stands out as the most captivating aspect. It’s an icon that not only looks stunning but also offers excellent driving dynamics at a relatively accessible price point compared to other classics like the Countach, 300 SL, or F40.

Do you have any interesting anecdotes or stories related to this particular car?

I purchased the car primarily for its rims. As a child, I have a cherished photo of myself at the age of three standing in front of a 512 TR featuring these rims. Acquiring a car with the same rims feels like bringing a piece of cherished history back to life.