1990 BMW Z1 (EUR 42.000)

– Engine: 6 cylinders 2,5 Liter (125 kW / 170 hp)
– Transmission: 5 gears manual
– Mileage: 86.000 km
– Color: Top Red
– Location: Berlin, Germany
– Price: 42.000€

The Car:

What is the current condition of the vehicle?

The Z1 is in good condition. It is a 30 year old car and some cosmetic details need to be worked on. But in engine matters, it runs perfectly!

Tell me about yourself:

I’m a car enthusiast, especially classic cars. My first classic BMW was a 1988 E30 Convertible. My father had a classic car when I was little and that’s how I inherited my passion for cars from him. 

This is one of the rarest BMWs, only about eight thousand units were built. What made you interested in this particular car at the time of purchase? 

I would say the design and its unique doors. The car has a unique driving feel, it feels like you are driving a motorcycle, you can get to feel the wind everywhere. Other than that I think it is so well designed, you can drive it fast on the road and feel safe.

What is your favorite detail?

Definitely the doors, It’s basically what makes this car so special.

During the drive to the filming location, a lot of people were noticing the car, especially because of the drop-down doors. What was the best comment you received?

Every day when I drive it with the doors down, someone comes up to me and asks “where are the doors?” and when I put them up, they’re stunned! 

An important feature of this car, did you know that BMW intended for the body panels to be removable in case you wanted to change the color? 

Yes, in fact, I always wanted to change it to blue.

How can you describe your driving experience?

Very sporty. Like a racing car. On the Autobahn it “sticks” to the ground. It is very stable. 

Do you have any related anecdotes, such as what you liked most about the Z1, for example?

I was once driving with the doors down and someone said: well, the best way to drive the car.


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