What is the current condition of the car?

The car is in fantastic original condition throughout and has been well taken care of throughout all its life. 

Where was the Z8 located at the time of purchase?

The car was located in Los Angeles and spent all its life in California from the first registration until I brought it back to Germany.

 How and when was the transition from US specs to Euro specs? Do you still have the original parts?

BMW Group Classic is where I had the car shipped right after it arrived in Bremerhaven. They did an in-depth review and converted it to Euro specification. I also chose to switch to the original Alpina wheels because the car looks and drives much better on them. Of course, I kept all the original parts.

What is your favorite detail?

Definitely the doors, It’s basically what makes this car so special.

During the drive to the filming location, a lot of people were noticing the car, especially because of the drop-down doors. What was the best comment you received?

Every day when I drive it with the doors down, someone comes up to me and asks “where are the doors?” and when I put them up, they’re stunned! 

An important feature of this car, did you know that BMW intended for the body panels to be removable in case you wanted to change the color? 

Yes, in fact, I always wanted to change it to blue.

How can you describe your driving experience?

Very sporty. Like a racing car. On the Autobahn it “sticks” to the ground. It is very stable. 

Do you have any related anecdotes, such as what you liked most about the Z1, for example?

I was once driving with the doors down and someone said: well, the best way to drive the car.