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Arevik Aivazova


I am Arevik Aivazova, licenced pharmacist based in Düsseldorf, Germany

When I began purposefully studying contraceptives, I came to the conclusion that there are no artificial contraceptive without risks to women’s health.

My search for the ideal family planning tool led me to fertility awareness methods. I was amazed at how simply observing oneself provides so much information and allows to accurately determine the moment when a woman is fertile,  possible  or impossible of getting pregnant. 

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Take control of your fertility

This course is suitable for women who want the perfect contraceptive method.

Awaited pregnancy

Learn how to double your chances of conceiving naturally.

Fertility after childbirth

Learn how female fertility is restored after childbirth and how it can be safely and reliably controlled without hormonal pills.

liked it very much. a logical presentation of all the material that at first there were lessons on how the female and male body works in principle. It was absolutely new that there is a completely barren time in a woman's life and you can very accurately determine ovulation-

 Angelica, Kazan

I consider this method very effective and safe, without any chemical influences. With it, you can study your body, control possible failures. Therefore, I advise him to all girls, even unmarried. I heard about him, but I got to know him in more detail when I was preparing for the wedding. And he helped us in the future in planning the time of the appearance of the baby. I am very grateful to Arevik for the training, which was accessible and understandable. This is actually a discovery for us!

Angelika, Moscow

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