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A unique selection of 12 beautiful cars representing every month of the upcoming year 2019 in a limited and hand-numbered edition of 100 calendars. Photographed by Carphiles in many different cities of the world.

Printed in an A3 format in a Chromomat 360g paper, with high whiteness and an unrivaled smooth surface. The cover has a reflective mirror effect.

All pages are separate and held together with an elegant black metal clip that is included in the calendar. This way you can easily change the month and later frame your favorite prints without having to tear or cut off the page.

All shipments will contain a complimentary Carphiles sticker.


Estimated delivery times:

Germany: 2-3 working days

Europe: 3-6 working days 

World: 5-8 working days


Format: A3 / 29.7 x 42.0 cm / 11.7″ x 16.5″


JAN BMW 1600-2  Berlin, Germany 


FEB Porsche 911 SC Berlin, Germany


MAR BMW 3.0 CSi Leipzig, Germany


APR Mercedes Benz SL60 AMG Paris, France


MAY Porsche 911 RS Los Angeles, United States 


JUN Ferrari 328 GTB Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


JUL Porsche 911 Carrera Los Angeles, United States


AUG Mercedes Benz 280 SL New York, United States


SEP Maserati Ghibli Berlin, Germany


OCT Mercedes Benz 280 SE Los Angeles, United States


NOV Porsche 912 Tyrol, Austria


DEC Mercedes Benz 220 S Bangkok, Thailand





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